We Can Ship You Records

record collectionThere are few things better than perusing in a record store. Whether you are looking for a specific gem to fill out your collection, or you are just browsing for something for anything that strikes you, going to a physical music store is an unbeatable experience. Sometimes, however, you’re not in a place that has many options. Luckily, we can ship you records via our Discogs page. In today’s blog, Black Cat Records and Comics lets you know about our online catalog and the other offerings we have.  (more…)

Finding Your Next Collectible Treasure

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At Black Cat Records and Comics, our Dallas, TX, store has a number of collectibles, from comic books and manga, to a variety of vinyl record selections. In today’s blog, we’re looking at what we have in-store, and talking about live events and more. If you have someone hard to shop for on your list, then you may want to stop by our store! We have a little bit of everything.


Your One-Stop Shop For All Things Awesome

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The holiday season is here! Which means we’re spinning Christmas sounds in the store, and you’re likely looking for something fun and unique to give your friends and loved ones, or maybe just for yourself. After all, it’s been a tough year, you’ve earned it! At Black Cat Records and Comics, we have an extensive collection of vinyl, comics, manga, and more for you to check out!


Explore New Genres In Our Vinyl Collection

Are you looking to add something new to your record collection? Are you starting to feel like there are styles of music you have missed out on? When we started stocking our vinyl collection at Black Cats Records And Comics, we wanted to give people fresh and exciting options to listen to. You can check out our collection to see a broad mix of genres, as well as deep dives into periods of music history that you may have overlooked. If you are not sure where to start, our weekly playlist and staff recommendations can help you make some great discoveries! (more…)