Interested In A Comics Deep Dive?

dallas comic booksThe Eternals just had their movie debut, Netflix has a One Piece series on the way, and a Kenobi streaming series will shed a light on what exactly Obi-Wan was up to for 20 years. If you’ve been curious about who these characters are, (and even hardcore comics fan would find it difficult to talk about The Eternals for more than 30 seconds) then you may want to turn to Black Cat Records and Comics!


Looking For The Perfect Holiday Gift?

dallas comic booksWe know the corpse of Halloween is still warm, but planning ahead can make the holiday madness much easier to handle. If you’re looking for a special gift for the pop culture aficionado in your life, we have a massive collection of new and popular comics and vinyl, and rare, underground selections too. At Black Cat Record and Comics in Dallas, TX, we’re ready for your early holiday shopping needs, with an entire team of experts in all things pop culture.


We Have The Creepy Collectibles You’re Looking For

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We’re knee deep in the spooky season, which means binging horror movies, reading only the creepiest books and comics, and of course, maybe snagging a few terrifying collectibles. At Black Cat Records and Comics in Dallas, TX, we have a huge collection of figurines, Pops, and more, and we’re also spinning plenty of spooky sounds in our store! If you need something creepy or downright terrifying for your shelves or record player, we got it.


Meet Our Team!

dallas recordsWe want to welcome you to our store in Dallas, TX, and ensure that you and your friends or family enjoy a welcoming and safe environment. We have a full staff of talented and knowledgeable team members, who love pop-culture and can help you find what you’re looking for in our vast comic and record collection (and collectible toys and more). In today’s blog, Black Cat Records and Comics wants to introduce you to our team members.


Music And Comic Collectibles In Dallas

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Do you enjoy collecting comics, or finding a new sound for your vinyl collection? Well, the only people more well-versed in pop culture than you would be our team! We love helping our customers find their next collectible item, or discover a new pop-culture obsession. At Black Cat Records and Comics in Dallas, TX, we have a wide array of selections, and if it’s not in store we can likely find it!