Our team is here to help you with all things relating to records and comics. Our passionate staff can regale you with the histories of our store’s pop-culture contents and even help you find your next pop-culture obsession based on your likings. We offer a safe environment for everybody of all backgrounds and preferences to find like-minded lovers of entertainment. Consider us a place to call home and escape into the fantasies of pop culture when the world seems too heavy.

  • Megan– Big boss overlord and mastermind behind Black Cat with encyclopedic knowledge of anime and manga that would even make Princess Kenny from South Park weep!
  • Sabrina– books can be deceiving by the cover but not when this indie reading dungeon raiding metal hearted battle beast blows you away with the most insane metal shredding records and visually striking and hauntingly beautiful artwork crafted by the industries best artists in comics! She manages our shop and manages our inspired orders of product!
  • Hot Toddy– When this beer swilling bar fighting legend isn’t head banging at shows and spinning webs with Spidey books he’s spinning records from literally every genre and country known to man curating our shop with the most insane collection with the most pristine grades and clean covers! You ain’t never had DJ like him!
  • Freddy– From the ashes of Valhalla rises a horror loving, lightsaber wielding, Mighty Marvel Marching, 80s hair metal fiend! Plus he writes and directs his own brand of crazy to bring to the store! He’s got you covered in genre film pop culture product from Anvil to Zardoz!

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