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When Are We Opening?

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We get this question quite a bit. Why wouldn’t we? We’re only the best* comic book store and record shop in the country! At the moment, we’re looking at opening our doors in May, as we’re still finishing the last touches on our store. But in the meantime, you can make an appointment to see… Read more »

Expand Your Comic Knowledge

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Have you been watching Moon Knight, and found yourself wanting to know more about this character? Now that Marvel and DC have mined every bit of gold they can from their A-listers, we’re seeing adaptations of less known, and infinitely more interesting, characters. At Black Cat Records and Comics, we can help you find out… Read more »

Finding Your Favorite Comic

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Looking for a new story to obsess over, or have you never really read comic books before? Then we can help you get started on an obsession that will consume you for the rest of your natural life! At Black Cat Records and Comics, we offer people in Dallas, TX, and nearby communities a massive… Read more »

Has Comixology 4.0 Got You Down?

Well, on February 17th Amazon debuted Comixology 4.0. The reception hasn’t been great. People complained about lost comics, needing to redownload their vast collections, or a cumbersome layout that is hard to navigate and offers poor-quality images. Yikes. Well, if you’re suddenly feeling nostalgic for physical issues, then come to Black Cat Records and Comics… Read more »

Need Something New To Read?

The weather is cold and miserable, and you can only binge The Office and Nailed It so many times. What you need is something fun to read! At Black Cat Records and Comics in Dallas, TX, we can help. Our store has an incredible selection of comic books, manga, graphic novels, books, and more!

Looking For A New Comic?

Do you want something to read, with stunning artwork and a story that captures your imagination? At Black Cat Records and Comics in Dallas, TX, we have a huge selection of comic books, manga, and more. We also have collectibles of your favorite characters! If you want a new issue, or have a gap in… Read more »

We Have Music, Manga, And More!

If you love all things pop culture, or if you have a specific niche that includes hard-to-find collectibles, then contact Black Cat Records and Comics in Dallas, TX. We have comics, manga, vinyl records, and tons of fun collectibles. You don’t have to travel far, or roll the dice with eBay and Amazon listings, when… Read more »

Shop For Your Favorite Comics And Records 

The holiday season has passed, and many of us received a gift card or cash as a gift, or maybe picked up a little spending money after returning some ill-conceived gifts from well-meaning but confused family members. If so, then you can stop by Black Cats Records and Comics in Dallas, TX, and check out… Read more »

Interested In A Comics Deep Dive?

The Eternals just had their movie debut, Netflix has a One Piece series on the way, and a Kenobi streaming series will shed a light on what exactly Obi-Wan was up to for 20 years. If you’ve been curious about who these characters are, (and even hardcore comics fan would find it difficult to talk… Read more »