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Interested In A Comics Deep Dive?

The Eternals just had their movie debut, Netflix has a One Piece series on the way, and a Kenobi streaming series will shed a light on what exactly Obi-Wan was up to for 20 years. If you’ve been curious about who these characters are, (and even hardcore comics fan would find it difficult to talk… Read more »

Music And Comic Collectibles In Dallas

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Do you enjoy collecting comics, or finding a new sound for your vinyl collection? Well, the only people more well-versed in pop culture than you would be our team! We love helping our customers find their next collectible item, or discover a new pop-culture obsession. At Black Cat Records and Comics in Dallas, TX, we… Read more »

The Manga Selection Of Your Dreams

When most people hear the word “comics” they usually picture the flagship titles from DC and Marvel. While we love Spider-Man and Superman as much as anyone, we know this is only a small part of the world of comics. Along with the bigger domestic titles, Black Cat Records and Comics also carries a huge… Read more »