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Collectibles Of All Kinds

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We love all things pop culture, and have an expansive collection of collectibles for you to see! Whether you like action figures, figurines, or comic books and manga, we have something on hand for you to see. In today’s blog, Black Cat Records and Comics in Dallas, TX, talk about our selection of collectibles, comics,… Read more »

We Have The Collectibles You Need!

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We’re so happy to finally have our doors open, and we hope you find time to visit our store! We have a huge collection of comics and records, as well as a ton of other collectibles. In today’s blog, Black Cat Records and Comics in the Cedar District of Dallas, TX talks about our selection,… Read more »

What Are We Recommending?

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We’re always recommending something new in our store, and we have plenty of staff picks for people interested in new comics, manga, and vinyl. Which is why in today’s blog, your team at Black Cat Records and Comics in Dallas, TX, are talking about our selections, and when you can visit our store in person!

Revenge Of The 5th

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Yesterday was May the 4th, the day when we all celebrate our favorite Sci-Fi franchise. If the new Kenobi trailer has you ready to dive into your Star Wars obsession, then you should give us a call. Black Cat Records and Comics in Dallas, TX, will be opening our doors soon, but you can schedule… Read more »

Your Collectible Search Ends Here

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Right now, we’re placing the finishing touches on our building, and we cannot wait to open our doors! We have a wide range of collectibles for you to see, from comics and manga to records, toys, and more. In today’s blog, your good friends at Black Cat Records and Comics in Dallas, TX, will be… Read more »

Meet The Black Cat Team

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We’re handling the finishing touches on our store and cannot wait to open the doors of our Dallas, TX, store, Black Cat Records and Comics. Until then, we would like to introduce our team of pop culture experts, the only people who may know more about records, manga, and comics than you!

Finding Your Favorite Collectibles

Do you have a collection? We all have a little obsession in our life, from comics and movies to records and action figures. At Black Cat Records and Comics in Dallas, TX, our team has an incredible selection of pop culture collectibles. You can find your favorite new issues, or add to your new record… Read more »

Looking For Fun Collectibles?

Has the Boba Fett series reignited your love for Star Wars? Has No Way Home given you a slight obsession with Spider-Man and multiverse shenanigans? If so, then you may want to check our our selection of comics and collectibles! At Black Cat Records and Comics we offer Dallas, TX, residents a wide selection! 

Finding Your Next Collectible Treasure

At Black Cat Records and Comics, our Dallas, TX, store has a number of collectibles, from comic books and manga, to a variety of vinyl record selections. In today’s blog, we’re looking at what we have in-store, and talking about live events and more. If you have someone hard to shop for on your list,… Read more »