Vinyl Records Offer An Experience

vinyl recordsWe get it; the convenience of digital streaming services is unquestionable. At the same time, have you noticed that listening to your favorite songs on a digital platform feels…empty? We certainly have, which is why we are proud to have such an extensive vinyl collection. Records, from the artwork to the tracks themselves, have a depth to them that is unmatched by any other audio medium. No matter your preferred genre, Black Cat Records and Comics in Dallas, TX has a thing (or two) that will certainly have you reaching for the volume knob on your record player to crank it up to 11.

Grow Your Collection

Not much beats the sound of a needle dropping onto a record — the brief moment before the album starts is filled with excited anticipation. Once it begins, you are lost in a world of sound. Our collection is filled with gems: classics you surely know, obscure singles from artists you’ve never heard of, and everything in between. One of the greatest benefits of exploring a record store is the possibility of finding something brand new that will become your newest favorite. All the album covers can guide on the joyous adventure that is discovering new music. Many genres are represented in our shop, so we encourage you to come in and ask anyone on our team for their recommendations. Their deep knowledge and passion won’t lead you astray.

You Can Shop Online

If you aren’t in the Dallas area or you can’t make it to our shop for any reason, you can always visit our constantly-updated online store. We utilize Discogs, so it is easy for you to find whatever it is you are looking for. It also allows us to connect with other sellers to maintain our collection of obscure genres and artists.

We Have Live Events, Too

While our store is wonderful to peruse for records, comics, and collectibles, we host events too. If you want to stay up-to-date on our shop’s goings-on, we recommend checking out our events page at the top of our website. You should also check on our Facebook page for anything new. We like to keep our community as informed as possible, so you will be the first to know whenever we have something happening. We proudly host musicians, podcasters, and others. Some bigger names have also been known to drop by and put on surprise performances.

Visit Your Dallas, TX Comic Book Store Today

Whether you’re in the market for a new favorite band or you’re looking to expand your collection of old favorites, we are here to make your music dreams come true. To learn more about our records — and comics, collectibles, and more — contact Black Cat Records and Comics in Dallas, TX, by calling (469) 913-7079. We’re open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am until 6 pm, and are closed on Sunday and Monday.